Most of the honeymooners keep requesting us for posts related to honeymoon. We would like to inform you that we have created a section for Honeymoon exclusively and keep posting juicy content about the same. To start with, we give you the ultimate checklist for things to pack when going for honeymoon vacation.

Must-Haves for the Couple

Airline tickets
Passport, Tourist visas, driver’s license (if required for self-driving)
Debit Cards / Credit cards
All-important numbers stored in your mobile phones and if possible in cloud storage to access it anywhere.
Medicine in case of any ailment
Tagging your luggage for its safety
A nice DSLR camera for snapping amazing pictures.
Sunscreen and lip balm

Must Have Toiletries

Most of the hotels wherein you stay would certainly have some of these made available for your ease. However, we would recommend you to carry your own set of toiletries, in case you have an affinity towards specific brands.
hair spray
nail clippers
shaving cream
shampoo and conditioner
body lotion
soap/body wash

Must-Haves for Her

2 pairs of jeans/pants
4 casual/trendy T-shirts
2 Jackets (in case of a cold country)
2 pairs shorts
1 swimsuit (in case you love swimming)
1 pair sneakers
1 pair walking shoes or sandals
1 clutch
6-7 nos. of socks and underwear (very important for personal hygiene)
brassiere (6-7 nos.)

Must-Haves for Him

2 pair jeans/trousers
2 jackets (in case of a cold country)
4-5 casual t-shirts
2 pairs shorts
3-5 shirts
1 pair sneakers
1 pair sandals
6-7 nos. socks and underwear (very important for personal hygiene)

Very Important:

Please share the details of the hotel reservation with family and friends in case of any emergency before leaving.