Today the tongue seems to crave for something tangy. Why not prepare a Pickle??
Instead of the common Mango or Tomato pickle, let’s work out an Onion pickle. Yes, you read it right folks.



1 kg onions
150 gm chili powder
2 spoons turmeric powder
150 gm tamarind
50 gm mustard
50 gm fenugreek powder
50 gm mustard powder
11/2 spoon asafetida powder
100 gm green chilies
50 gm salt
500 ml oil
100 ml gingelly oil



Peel the onions, clean with water and dry them.

Grind the green chilies. Cut the small onions into pieces and grind them too along with green chilies.
Please do not add water for grinding these ingredients.

If you add water, then the pickle would spoil.

Soak the tamarind into the water for 20 mins and then collect the tamarind juice by squeezing the tamarind. Keep this aside.

Pour 100 ml gingelly oil and 300 ml refined oil in a pan. Heat the oil and add some mustard seeds.

Now add Asafoetida powder and also add some finely chopped green chilies.

Now add some fenugreek seeds and salt to taste.

Add Turmeric powder and red chili powder.

Add the grinded paste of onion and chilies.

Sauté for 5 mins and add the squeezed tamarind juice.

You will see oil get separated from pickle. Now add tamarind juice.

Sauté the pickle until the water evaporated from tamarind juice and the oil gets separated from the top.

Now mix the pickle for 30 minutes. Tada!!! The onion pickle is ready. Please switch off the flame.

Cool the pickle and store it in a bottle. You can place it in the refrigerator.