A luxury cruise is the ultimate way of vacation, which would be totally worth your time. Ideally, you would be travelling to number of cities as per the package and witness the panoramic view of the beautiful nature. Make sure you select the right cruise to enjoy the never ending beauty of Europe.

Most of the cruises include swimming pools, gyms, spas, restaurants and much more. Hope you still remember the cruise ship in the movie, Titanic. Those memories can help you embark the cruise journey and at the same time have all the precautions in place.

Cruise in Germany

The rivers like Danube, Rhine and Elbe provide an elegant way to navigate the country’s forests and mountains. Connecting cities such as Berlin, Hanover and Bremen, they’ll give you a unique sagacity to German tradition.

Do taste the Bavarian dishes such as skirt steak and dine in luxury at the restaurant in the cruise.

Cruise through Mediterranean


There are different cruise routes covering countries such as Spain and Portugal. The tempt of taking a country-crossing cruise, will cater for both tradition and cuisine. Stopping in Malaga, you’ll have the chance to visit the Pablo Picasso museum, stock up on tapas, before sunning yourself by the quaint Portuguese town of Alcoutim a few days later.


Cruise Through Portugal

There is another cruise route which starts in Lisbon. Discover the Castle of St. George, which was home to Portuguese kings. From the harbor, you’ll see the Monastery of the Hieronymites, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visiting here, will gift you a sagacity to fine Portuguese architecture which you’ll cherish for long.