Let’s travel the place less travelled. Yes, you guessed it right. We are talking about a cruise travel to Antarctica.

Hop upon the cruise, The Sea Explorer. The starting point of your adventure is located in Ushuaia, which is known as the city of the end of the world. Enjoy the weirdness of Patagonia: from the boat cemeteries and the end-of-the-world beacon in the Beagle Canal to the lenguas forests in the Tierra del Fuego National Park. Southern Patagonia is full of mysteries and secrets. Stay at the Luxury Cauquenes Hotel and enjoy a beautiful view on the Tierra del Fuego from the safety of your own swimming pool.

Your first stop via cruise is the Falklands Islands. Make harbour at the Stanley Port and discover the Falklands culture: it’s a mix between English and Argentinean cultures. Try the wildlife visit to Saunders Island to explore the various animals and birds.

Once you reach the Elsehul bay, let yourself be fascinated by the seals and the sea lions! The scientists & specialists, who are on board will explain you the minute details of the location and also clarify your queries.

Next, you would reach, Charlotte Bay,where you can see numerous seagulls and penguins. You gotta checkout the next stop, The Deception Islands, which is full of wild petrels.

After a week, you’re back to Ushuaia Harbour, where your journey started initially. That’s the end of an exhilarating Antarctica experience.