We have always loved a train journey. Don’t we?

If you have time & not in a hurry, do experience a luxury train journey. The journey will be a bit long compared to a flight as you may know, but worth the time. You can in fact admire the beautiful nature and view it more closely from the windows of your train compartment.

Luxury trains provide comfortable overnight compartments, with built-in showers, along with grand service and meals.

Here’s a list of some of the Luxury trains around the world.

Belmond’s Eastern and Oriental Express


The Eastern & Oriental Express runs between Bangkok & Singapore. All accommodations are in two-person cabins, including a toilet and a shower, with upper/lower beds in Pullman Class and twin beds in State Class. The fare includes meals and sightseeing stops. The complete trip takes two to three nights.

Rocky Mountaineer

Rocky Mountaineer runs trains over multiple Canadian routes. The most important is the classic run between Calgary and Vancouver. It passes through Canada’s top mountain scenery, including Banff and Lake Louise—a better route than the alternate, between Vancouver and Jasper. The Rocky Mountaineer operates only during daylight hours, stopping for overnight hotel stays in Kamloops. Rates include meals and overnight accommodations in Kamloops.


The Simplon-Orient-Express operates from Paris to Istanbul via Budapest and Bucharest once a year .Most trips are shorter two to four day links on varying routes connecting London, Venice, Prague, Vienna, Budapest, and Bucharest. The train uses original vintage coaches upgraded to operate on modern railroads.

Great Southern Rail

It is a weekly train linking Sydney with Perth. It’s run by private operator Great Southern Rail. The three-night trip features stunning sceneries, from the Snowy Mountains near Sydney to the desolate Nullarbor Plain near Perth, and includes the world’s longest stretch of perfectly straight rail track of 297 miles.