We spend a lot of time to find out secrets of different skin care routine. Each type of skin care routine has its share of pros and cons.
Many studies have been conducted to find more natural ingredients that can help to improve skin complexion, treat skin problems and whiten skin.

Skin Type

Let’s get to know the skin type before we delve deep into the different skin care tips & tricks.

a. Normal skin: People with normal skin type have vibrant and supple skin. It is less prone to skin problems.

Dry skin: Dry skin is more prone to wrinkles, sallow tone, and fine lines.

b. Combination skin: The people with this skin have oil clogged on their nose and forehead. Other skin areas are generally dry.

c. Sensitive skin: Sensitive skin is very dry , itchy and inflamed.

Japanese Skin Care Routine

1. Makeup Remover

It is important to use makeup remover and oil cleanser to get rid of dirt, oil and foundation from your skin. Cleaning the face with water will not remove the make-up completely.

2. Cleanser

Now cleanse your skin with a cleanser. Double cleansing can help to remove all the impurities and dirt from the skin.
Make sure you do not expose you’re face with hot water frequently as it may strip the skin’s natural oil and enlarge the skin pores and result in moisture loss.
Shiro Nuka is highly recommended by Japanese women as it is highly effective in cleansing and whitening skin tone.

3. Exfoliate

Exfoliation helps in removing dead skin cells from the skin without causing any harm to the skin.
Proper exfoliation can help to remove the dead skin cells from the surface of the skin and prevent it from clogging the skin pores.

4. Toner

Toner is effective in controlling the skin’s PH, hydrating your skin and improving the skin tone. If you want to have glowing healthy, smooth and fresh skin, you should include a toner in your skin care routine.

5. Essence

Essence can revitalize the skin and make your skin look youthful.

6. Serum

The serum is used to brighten skin, get rid of fine lines, and improve pigmentations and treat skin problems.

7. Eye cream

Due to prolonged sun exposure, genes and with age, the area near the eyes generates wrinkles, fine lines, and dark circles.
Eye creams have oil and active ingredients that are effective in treating all
the problems around the eyes.
If you want to look for the best eye creams for fine lines and wrinkles, you should find the ingredients such as peptides, vitamin C, and retinol in the
label of the eye cream.

8. Facial Masks

Applying facial masks to your skin can help to moisturize, detoxify, deep-cleanse, boost circulation and nourish your skin if you use it regularly.
These refreshing masks are effective in lifting skin and tightening skin pores.

9. Moisturizer

Skin problems such as dryness, saggy skin and fine lines arise due to lack of moisture.
For oily skin, choose a moisturizer that has thinner formulation.
For dry skin, choose a moisturizer with thicker formulation.
Camellia oil can help to repair skin damage.

10. Protect your skin from UV Rays

In addition to sunscreen, wear fashionable UV rated long gloves, leggings and trendy hats to cover all areas of your body as much as possible.

Avoid using sunscreen having nano-particle that is a form of zinc oxide.