All the Souffle fans, try this one out and gimme a shout!


100 grams Dark chocolate
7 spoons Butter
2 spoon Sugar
2 Egg yolks
4 Egg whites
1/2 cup Sugar
1 spoon Vanilla Extract
1/2 spoon Salt
2 spoon Tartar cream
Powdered Sugar
Whipping cream

To prepare Chocolate Souffle, first grease individual ramekins with butter generously.

Sprinkle 1 spoon sugar into the ramekins and coat all the sides of the ramekins.

Then, preheat oven to 200 degrees Centigrade.

In a microwave safe bowl, add chocolate and 3 spoon butter and whisk it.

Then, add 1 egg yolk, salt, vanilla essence and whisk.

In a separate bowl, add egg whites into a bowl. Add tartar cream to the bowl and whisk it.

Now add ¼ cup sugar to the bowl and whisk for 2-3 minutes.

Now add 1/3 rd of egg whites into the mixture.

Spoon the mixture into ramekins evenly.

Now bake it for 15 minutes.

Garnish it with powdered confectionery sugar and serve immediately.