We prefer our cakes to be prepared using eggs. However, there are many vegans out there who would probably wonder if there was any way to bake a cake without eggs and still there is no compromise on the quality of the taste and appearance of the cake.

There are many bakeries and restaurants offering cakes which are prepared without eggs. But most of them fall short of the taste. Let’s look into the intricacies which go into baking an eggless cake.
To replace eggs from the preparation of the cake, we need to understand the importance of eggs in the preparation.

Used for Binding

To add moisture

Flavor & Emulsion


After an extensive research, we have zeroed upon the ingredients which can replace eggs during the baking process. However, please keep in mind that these ingredients cannot substitute the eggs completely as they have the natural ability of binding, which is quite difficult to achieve with other ingredients as efficiently as they do. Nevertheless, let’s figure out ‘em.

Flaxseed Meal  (use 1 spoon with 3 spoons water for each egg): This soluble-fiber rich seed thickens and stabilizes emulsions in a cake batter. The fiber also holds on to the added water for effective moisture.

Tofu (use ¼ cup of silken tofu for each egg): Tofu helps in providing the binding & moisture moisture property.

Applesauce (use ¼ cup for each egg): This cooked fruit puree is a good source of moisture and contains pectin which stabilizes the cake structure.