People say that you become a stronger person if you have suffered a heart break.

A true story is a better way to explain this. Keep yourself stress-free for a few minutes and go through this real story and we’re sure that you will feel goosebumps and feel a sense of connection.

There was a guy who used to work in a certain organization. He used to work in the technology team of the company. After a couple of months, he happened to take notice of a girl in the other team which used to sit opposite to his team. He dared to approach the girl after a few days and expressed his feelings for her. Luckily, the girl was quite receptive and was interested in a discussion at least. Both exchanged their numbers and kept in touch through phone even though they were busy in their professional life. One might argue that both were in the same company and even the same floor, so it makes it quite easy to meet and spend time. However, this depends upon the individuals, how organized they are and how do they spend the precious work time. In this case, both of them were dedicated to work and kept in touch post work.

The guy asked her for a date after a month for which the girl readily agreed as they became quite comfortable with each other. A month is a very short time, but as destiny had it, both fell in love and became very fond of each other. They used to do those little gestures of making each other happy, like all the couples do. After 6 months or so, the guy proposed the girl for marriage. Here came the twist.

The guy was quite unaware of a serious thing which was growing in his absence. He came to know that the girl was also in a relationship with another guy in her team. This came to light when the other guy approached him and shed some light upon the same. Now, the guy became completely shattered, as he felt cheated. He immediately approached the girl to seek clarification.  To his surprise, the girl pretended as if she did not know anything. However, after much persuasion, the girl met both the guys and confessed that she was now in love with the guy in his team. This made the guy in her team very happy even though he was well aware that the girl played a double game and cheated them. But as you may know, love is blind and people fall into the trap quite easily. So the guy in her team continued with their relationship and this other guy was suffering heartbreak all this while. The guy finally decided to look out for other opportunities elsewhere and most importantly in some other city. He also decided to take a break to explore different places and cheer himself up.

God must have witnessed all this. The guy got a challenging role in a great organization in another city. As you can understand, he did not think twice and grabbed the opportunity with both hands. He had close to 2 weeks of time before he could join the new company. Guess what, he utilized this time in visiting his parents who used to stay in another city. Got in touch with childhood friends.Met few of his close relatives.

Then made his plans to visit few places and also enrolled himself for a series of treks. This made him strong from inside. Most importantly, he met new people, got to know their thoughts, shared loads of knowledge and made memories of a lifetime. Even though they were challenging, everyone stood as a team and successfully accomplished the treks. To sum it up, these 2 weeks helped him get a bit of self-realization, came close to people who really care for him or in other words who really love him. He also understood one very important thing that, “One that doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”.  It is always the people and the surroundings that leave a deeper impact upon one’s life. So choose the people and the surroundings carefully.

Post the two week break, the guy moved to the new city and joined the new company. After a few months, he got an anonymous call from a person. After much persuasion, the person clarified that he is the guy who was in relationship with his ex-girlfriend. He stressed upon the word “WAS”. This made the guy quite curious.

Keeping all this aside, the guy asked the other guy about his personal and professional life. To his shock, the guy replied that the girl ditched him and secretly married a guy of her parents’ choice and moved to another country. As you may see, there are two very important takeways from this true story. “Choose very carefully whom you wanna be with”. “Travel Can Heal your Break Up – Just give it Chance”.

Keep in mind that you are not the only one facing this situation. You are never alone and there is always someone fighting the same battle as you, just as there is always someone fighting a harder battle than you. Challenge yourself, lose yourself, discover yourself, be yourself.