Burj Khalifa is the most visited place in Dubai. If you have been to Dubai and haven’t seen Burj Khalifa, then you have not seen anything. That is the significance of this must-see place.

The Burj Khalifa stands at 828 meters and is designed by architect Adrian Smith.

There are different records held by the tower such as tallest free standing building, highest occupied floor, longest travel distance elevators, second highest outdoor observatory deck etc..

Armani Hotel,occupies the first 15 floors of the building. It’s the first hotel from the famous fashion designer Giorgio Armani.

In the evening, the people can enjoy the views of the 902 foot-long Dubai Fountain , which shoots water up to 500 ft in the air.

You can buy Tickets here. Alternatively, you can purchase them at the Dubai Mall.

One can reach the 124th floor in a minute through the elevator. You can view the city from the observatory deck and get that adrenaline rush. Next up, there is a separate elevator for the 148th floor. Get into it and view the city from  the highest part. You would definitely feel on top of the world and would be awe-struck. The deck is open from 8:30 am-10 pm every single day.