Photoshop is one tool which everyone would want to lay their hands on to tweak their pictures for good. This tool is a boon as well as bane for the digital world. We can discuss about it in detail some other day. Today let’s look into the basics of the tool to make our snaps super awesome. The prerequisite for this obviously would be to have the Photoshop tool installed in your laptop/desktop.

Step 1:
Go to Image –>> Adjustments –>> Levels
In the Levels window, re-position the black, midtone, and white sliders by pulling or pushing them towards the black areas of the histogram.
This will correct the balance of brightness, contrast and tones overall in the image.
Be sure the ‘Preview’ option is checked, and click it on and off so you can see the before and after shots.
And then press OK.

Step 2:
Go to Image –>> Adjustments –>> Brightness/Contrast
Adjust the Brightness/Contrast window to your preference. Move the sliders around until you feel the image is more balanced.
Agenda should be not to lose a lot of pixels, hence don’t pump the contrast to extreme levels. Alternatively, the brightness can be pumped a bit. Make sure the Preview button is checked.
Press OK. This will make the food look more colorful and lively.

Step 3:
Go to Image –>> Adjustments –>> Color Balance…
In the Color Balance window, adjust your colors accordingly. Play around with it until you think it looks good. Make sure the Preview button is checked. Press OK.

This is a basic tutorial for everyone out there who wants to enhance their snaps to share with the digital world.