A Day at Global Village Dubai

Global Village, is the highlight of the year in Dubai, this season opened to the public in November 2017 and has been stunning the masses since then. An enormous festival and shopping area only open during winter. It’s a celebration of the world’s diverse cultures and traditions, hosting colorful pavilions based on different countries. You […]

Defying Gravity with IFly Dubai

Have you ever dreamt of flying? After watching a superhero movie, wishing you magically got the superhuman powers to soar the skies?  Head on over to iFly Dubai to defy gravity. Similar to indoor skydiving, flying with iFly Dubai is quite similar to a free fall, except that you’re only a few meters from the […]

SkyDiving, Falling in Style in Dubai

A trip to the City of Gold, Dubai, is never not exciting. From theme parks featuring the biggest movie franchises in the world to iconic landmarks like BurjKhalifa and Palm Jumeirah, Dubai has something of everything. Skydiving in Dubai is a spectacular adventure sport that is definitely an experience of a lifetime. The rush of […]

Women Safety In Dubai

There’s a common misconception that Dubai is unsafe for women, but that might not be true. Dubai is fast becoming an ideal travel destination for all girls trip and solo travelers alike. Let’s debunk some common myths that women usually have and are skeptical about. Wearing a burka or a veil isn’t compulsory unless visiting […]

Essentials every household must have

Every home should be different, expressing the individuality and personality of the owner in its own way, but I believe there are a few things that every home should have. These are essentials, classics and key ingredients that make up the foundation of a good home, and if you are just starting out they make […]

Have More With Less – What is Minimalism?

If you desire to live with fewer material possessions, or not own a car or a television, or travel all over the world, then minimalism can lend a hand. But that’s not the point. Minimalism is a tool for leading a more fulfilling life. It’s about ridding ourselves of excess stuff, becoming a more conscious […]

Renting vs Buying a House

I want to move out of my parent’s house! I’m getting married and need a place to live! I’m changing cities because of my job and need my own pad! The age-old question of whether to buy a house or live in a rented place has always been an important part of personal finance decisions. […]

Tips and Tricks on Utilising Space at Home

Houses these days are expensive, with apartments popping up and real estate booming, it’s hard to find spacious places that let you walk around freely without bumping into something. Storage spaces are at a premium in most homes. Have you ever heard someone complain, “I just have too many closets?” No, you haven’t. That’s why […]

Burj Al Arab, Tower Of The Arabs

An internationally recognizable landmark, The Burj Al Arab is a stunning monumental hotel, the only one to acclaim a 7 star rating in the world. One of Dubai’s most famous tourist landmarks, the Burj Al Arab often stands among the top five – if not the absolute peak – of the world’s most iconic hotels. […]


5 things your Family can do to spend more time together

9-5 jobs, after school activities, business trips, college – these hiccups can make life for a family quite hectic. Spreading each member out far and wide, and giving your family very little quality family time. It’s not like you don’t want to spend time as a family but hectic lives that everyone leads these days […]