Have you ever felt uncomfortable about your skin while you’re in a flight?
This post will exactly address that concern of yours to have a pleasant flight travel.

1) Treat your skin

Exfoliate and moisturize your skin before taking a flight.

2) Loads of Water

Hydrate yourself with loads of water and if possible with tender coconut water.

3) Hydrating Spray

Use a hydrating spray while on board to look fresh and active.

4) Get some volume

Your hair can get flatter while you sit through a long flight, therefore, make sure to prepare your locks in advance. Apply a hair volumizing product after you’ve washed your hair before taking a flight. While on board, you can make a high ponytail and, when you land, loosen your hair and see multiplied volume! (Make sure to avoid doing uncomfortable or tight pony tail).

5) Fruits & Dry Fruits

Binge upon fruits and dry fruits, instead of fried food to avoid any stomach upset during the travel. This even shows adverse effect upon your body.

6) Treat your Eyes

Put in Visine & Gel eye mask into your bag. This will reduce the puffiness in eyes and treat your headache!

With all these tips in your hand, you can now be well prepared for a relaxed flight travel and come out fresh out of the plane and in fact avoid the jet lag.