Most of the newly wed couples in India love to go abroad for their honeymoon. However, some might not have the required budget to celebrate this special occasion with much grandeur. We have tried our best to collate the information related to some budget friendly locations which won’t burn a hole in your wallet, but will make sure that you have the maximum enjoyment with minimum effect upon your bank balance.


Air Tickets: The round trip would cost between under INR 25,000.

Stay: Thailand is full of budget staying options starting from as low as INR 800 per night per person.

Food: A good budget meal can cost around INR 100.

Cost: Approx. INR 45,000 for 6 days and 5 nights.



Air Tickets: Round trip tickets can cost around INR 20,000 (if tickets booked 5-6 months in advance).

Stay: A hotel room starts from generally INR 1,000 per night.

Food: Eat at street stalls, food stores at Cha Ca Street and street in Hanoi offer low cost meals.

Cost: Approx. INR 45,000 for 5 Days and 4 Nights.



Air Tickets: Round trip could cost approx. INR 26,000.

Stay: Hostels in Jakarta could cost INR 800 /night.

Food: Three square warung (food stall) can cost INR 120 per meal. Dining in local restaurants would cost INR 600–800/ day.

Cost: Approx. INR 50,000 for 5 Days and 4 Nights.



Air Tickets: Round trip could cost approx. INR 30,000.

Stay: Hostels start around INR 800/night at HK Downtown Backpackers.

Food: less than INR 200 at Tim Ho Wan on 2-2 Kwong Wa Street, Mong Kok.

Cost: Approx. INR 50,000 for 5 Days and 4 Nights



Air Tickets: Round trip to Kenya costs approximately INR 28000.

Stay: Accommodation could range from INR 1000 onwards.

Food: Food expenses per day could cost approx. INR 500.

Cost: Cost per day per person is approx. INR 3,000.



Air Tickets: round trip of INR 26,000 onwards.

Stay: accommodation for backpackers could cost as little as INR 500 per day.

Places To Visit: You can travel in Cambodia on a budget of INR 3,000 per day.

Cost: INR 48,000. for 6 days.