A trip to the City of Gold, Dubai, is never not exciting. From theme parks featuring the biggest movie franchises in the world to iconic landmarks like BurjKhalifa and Palm Jumeirah, Dubai has something of everything.

Skydiving in Dubai is a spectacular adventure sport that is definitely an experience of a lifetime. The rush of free falling from a great height, aerial view of the stunning Dubai skyline, and the pure joy and thrill of overcoming fear and embarking on an adventure, there’s much to love about skydiving. Just think about it. Jumping from an insane height; the beautiful, expansive ocean in front of you; the man-made islands hugging the Dubai coast and the inviting desert in the back. That’s an exciting proposition if you ask us!

Fortunately for us, Dubai is home to some of the best skydiving facilities in the world. From the biggest skydiving school to numerous indoor skydiving centers, you can easily find a skydiving experience that suits you best. This has resulted in Dubai becoming a prominent skydiving location in the world; hosting many skydiving competitions and bringing folks from all over the world to experience the sport on its shores.

SkyDive Dubai is the leading diving company in the emirates. Offering one of the most spectacular drop zones in the world, you can indulge in a birds eye view of Palm Jumeirah.

Step out of a plane at an altitude of almost 4,000 metres and enjoy the rush of the wind. The whole experience is a full-scale immersion of the senses. With instructors who have collectively logged well over 220,000 jumps, you’ll be in good hands and harnesses, as you jump above this iconic city. To make sure you remember the experience forever, a cameraman documents the fun.

The free fall lasts around a minute before your instructor pops the chute and you begin a leisurely five-minute descent. This is your time to take in the incredible views as you swoop over the Palm Jumeirah towards the landing turf. Want to skydive above the dunes, too? Skydive Dubai has a second drop zone in the desert, with a campus that’s located about 35 kilometres outside the city.

So what are you waiting for? You’ll have to book and reserve your skydive Dubai experience well in advance, and pay a reservation price depending on demand. Get in line quick because this is a view you don’t want to miss.