With every passing year, we become a more learned person when compared to the previous year. We have different resolutions and some ambitious goals to achieve. To achieve this, planning and at the same time dedication + punctuality + smart work is required.

So let’s just stop what we are doing and ponder upon our goals for the year and what is required to achieve the same. Our zest to simplify the things which we are working upon currently and to take up new challenges will keep us in good stead and keep us motivated. Let’s take a pledge to not be idle anytime as that’s the time when evil thoughts creep into our mind and lead us to our downfall. Keep yourself engaged with multiple projects and keep networking.



This is very important in a person’s life. We need to do a reality check and figure out our true potential to achieve a particular task or set of tasks. Once done, we need to push the envelope and achieve greater heights or in other words the zenith.

We can figure out the same, by analyzing our day to day routine and see what we love to do or work upon. God has bestowed so much faith upon us. The least we could do is to repay him by improving ourselves and doing welfare to the humanity. Each one of us has some hidden talent or something which we love to do every single day without getting bored. Let’s relentlessly focus upon bringing that talent out and polish it every day. Do not bother about the results of the passionate work you are going to embark.  Passion should be your motivation factor, which will ultimately reap fruitful results. Please note that one can be quite passionate of learning new things and setting new goals which they have never faced earlier in their life.

The biggest issue in today’s competitive world is that most of the people are reluctant to tread the path less travelled. Successful are the ones who have dared to do this and did not stop until the goal is reached. To go a step ahead, the super successful people have never stopped, as they have kept updating their goals and matched the pace of the digital innovations in the world. As you may see, no one wants to be left behind.

Whenever you want to start working upon something, always ask yourself these 3 questions.


The answers for these questions will certainly help you in drawing the roadmap for your goals.



Once we have a self-realization as to what we are passionate about, we need to draw a roadmap to achieve the same. Maintain an online word document or a simple diary/notebook to write down all the steps needed to accomplish the goal.

For example, you might be passionate about these things below.

Travel – Exploring new places would improve your knowledge about those places and keep yourself refreshed at all times without getting bored.

Language – Learn a new language which can help in conversing with the people who speak that.Duolingo can certainly make your job easy.

Software Application – One can in fact learn a new software application which might be resourceful in their career advancement.

Photography – Photos and Videos are the best way to capture your memories. They give us a panoramic view of that timeline even if we are not in the same. Why not learn some tips and tricks to picture these memories better??

Music – We connect with music very easily as music has no language and has no boundaries. Let’s try polishing our vocal chords and record something which might become the next big viral thingy. You can share your effort with the whole world through various media sharing sites like Youtube, Soundcloud, Amazon Direct .


Create a checklist for the day to day work of the goal. Keep updating the checklist as and when you finish a particular task in the checklist. This would help you in keeping yourself organized and stay ahead of your deadlines.