Have you ever dreamt of flying? After watching a superhero movie, wishing you magically got the superhuman powers to soar the skies?  Head on over to iFly Dubai to defy gravity. Similar to indoor skydiving, flying with iFly Dubai is quite similar to a free fall, except that you’re only a few meters from the ground. iFly Dubai employs world-class patented wind technology to provide the safest, most efficient and realistic skydiving experience possible. Flyers are provided with a jumpsuit, helmet, and goggles to ride a current of air, within a crystal clear acrylic tube. Located at City Centre Mirdif, iFly Dubai is an adrenaline pumping experience for anyone above the age of 3.

iFly Dubai has a few requirements you have to fulfill before being able to experience zero gravity.

  • Weigh less than 115kg (254 pounds) and are taller than 180cm (5ft9). If inturn you do weigh more than this you can contact them, and they’ll have special arrangements prepared.
  • You have to be 3 years old and above
  • Pregnant women aren’t advised to try this.
  • You shouldn’t have previously dislocated your shoulders.
  • Are not under the influence of alcohol or non-prescribed drugs.
  • Are not wearing a plaster cast.
  • Have signed permission from a parent or guardian if under the age of 18.
  • You have to sign their waiver form.

iFLY Dubai is hands down the best and most unique destination in the vertical wind tunnel industry.

Being the world’s first double vertical wind tunnel and first tunnel to attach itself to a mall, their unique design also includes being raised 3 meters in the air giving you a one of a kind birds-eye view of Magic Planet.

iFLY Dubai also has air conditioning to keep flyers cool while they are experiencing new heights. With a wind tunnel soaring above 10 meters tall is an amazing 10 meters tall your friends and family can view your adventures thanks to an acrylic glass wall. The state of the art patented technology ensures a high degree of safety and accommodates all types of flyers from beginners to seasoned professionals. iFly Dubai has qualified instructors that make sure you’re safe while ensuring nothing goes wrong in a controlled environment. An instructor will ease you into the process first by providing you with minimal air-flow and increasing it as you get comfortable. You can also request an instructor to accompany you during the experience.

Once you’re done being superman make sure you head on over to their souvenir store to grab some lovely merchandise to remember your adventure by, even though it’s going to be unforgettable.