1. Write content ahead of time.
Before you leave on any trip, set aside a couple of days to write posts and edit photos so that you have a back log of articles to post. You should have a schedule of content to follow, which would make it easy to come up with content.

2. Scheduling is your friend
Write your posts with a two week window post the travel. However, make sure you take the notes while on the travel. This way you have already written partial content on the go. We pre-write posts from our previous travels to go up while we’re on our current set of travels. The Social Media posts can be done real time as it is not of much hassle.

3. Decide how often you want to post
It’s important to decide how often you want to post and stick to that schedule. People will come back more often if they know what to expect. If you post a couple of articles one week and then don’t revisit the blog again for two or three weeks people will forget about you. You are better off to post once a week consistently than to put out three or four posts one week and then nothing the next. So decide what you can handle and stick to that schedule. Soon people will know what to expect from you and will keep coming back to your blog each week to see what’s up.

4. Take Notes
Take notes in your diary/ mobile. You can record some nice pictures or the conversations which you would have had with the permission of the people.

5. Set Aside Time to Organize, Prepare and Write drafts
You do not need to sit in your room and write the posts every night. Instead, you can make short notes and keep things ready for a day or two in a week wherein you work upon the final draft of the content before you publish them for the entire world to lap it up.

6. Use a portable hotspot
Create a Hotspot through the data in your mobile and use it effectively on your laptops for editing content and refining it.

7. Consistent social media
Keep regular tweets, Facebook updates and Instagram shares going out regularly to our followers.

8. Guest contributors.
When you’re busy with your travels, you can take help of your fellow writers/bloggers to guest blog on your website.