9-5 jobs, after school activities, business trips, college – these hiccups can make life for a family quite hectic. Spreading each member out far and wide, and giving your family very little quality family time. It’s not like you don’t want to spend time as a family but hectic lives that everyone leads these days don’t let you. Hurried phone calls, texts or emails aren’t fulfilling enough and the longing to spend quality time as a family is absolutely necessary. Don’t worry, here are 5 steps you can follow to squeeze in that precious family time you crave.

Make sure you have at least 1 meal together.

Practically this meal should be dinner as your active lifestyles involve you grabbing a fruit for breakfast and munching on a salad for lunch at office. Make sure everyone makes this a habit, where you sit at the dining table and eat dinner together. This helps the family catch up on what is happening in everyone’s lives. Sometimes we’re so bent on rushing to make it home in time that we overlook a simple but effective way to spend quality time with family. Not only are you able to be together, but you’re also reaping tons of benefits from regular family dinners.




Have Game Nights

Weekdays are hard because you know everyone has to wake up the next day and head on over to work or school but what about the weekends? This should be utilised as prime family quality time. A brilliant way to get families together is to host a super fun game night. There’s a plethora of board games out there designed for this. Make it a little more fun and divide yourselves into teams, make the losing team do some house chores, that way you’re also instilling good values. Game nights can get heated especially if you’re competitive but keep in mind that it’s all fun and games. You are doing this to bring your family closer, not start a fight. If game night gets a little monotonous you can have Family Movie Night. Find a hilarious family movie to watch, whip up some yummy snacks and relax!

Get out more

Laptop screens, mobile phones, Ipads, Iphones, technology is making us forget what the outside world looks like. Grab your family and head out for a picnic or a weekend getaway to an amusement park. Planning a lavish family weekend getaway can be hard everytime so try this: Go out for a “Spot Walk” Even if it’s just a 5-minute walk around the block, this one is well-worth it. Tell each member of the family to try and “spot” something they want to remember. Once you get home, let each person say what they observed. Talk about if anyone else saw the same things. You might be surprised by the different perspective each person offers. Bonding and fresh air? Okay!

Cook together

Not only is it a great life skill to have but cooking togther is a great binding activity and not to mention a lot of fun. Whip up interesting and out of the box recipes and let everyone have a go at it.  Having a barbecue cookout is also a great way to have some quality time. Keep n mind to make it an all inclusive activity, no one should feel left out!


Make a fun Calendar

How are you going to keep track of all these fun activities you’ve planned? Make a colourful quirky calendar to hang in a place you’re sure everyone will see it and keep your family posted about the awesome times you’re going to have together. This will help everyone fix their schedules and have something to look forward to.